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South Iceland - Reykjavik capital

Reykjavík city is the most popular whale watching area. Whale watching from Reykjavik takes up to 3 hours and is mostly done in open waters in Faxaflói bay, just outside Reykjavik city

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West Iceland - Snæfellsnes peninsula

Snæfellsnes peninsula the home of the Orca. Whale watching in Snæfellsnes peninsula can be a life changing experience. Seeing orca's in the wild does something to people, orca's always called out a strong emotions from people

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Westfjords is an ideal destination, one of Iceland's most beautiful and secluded places. You never forget your trip there. Ísafjörður is the largest town in the Westfjords peninsula, with some 2600 inhabitants and Hólmavík is the largest town in the Strandir region, an area with an exciting and tragic history of witchcraft, witch-hunting and sorcery.

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North Iceland - Eyjafjörður

Eyjafjörður (island fjord) has recently become one of the best places for whale watching in Europe. Last year, sightseeing success in the fjord was 90% -100%, with a lot of incredible humpback sightings. You can sail from Dalvík, Hauganes, and Akureyri.

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North Iceland - Skjálfandi bay

Húsavík is the whale watching capital of Iceland and Europe. This small town lives and breath for whales. Húsavík is the only place in Iceland that have a whale museum with whale bones and skeletons, they even have the skeleton of the great blue whale! Húsavík is a popular town for whale watching and for a good reason.

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How whales help fight oceans acidification

Before the overfishing of whales was a fact, about 1.9 million tonnes of carbon was bound on the seabed each year in the form of dead whales that sank to the bottom. And there is more. . .

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The incredible humpback whale

"If the Killer whales spot the newly born calf, they will, much like a pack of wolfs, try to separate the calf from its mother, whereby it will become extremely vulnerable."

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The flying whale

The publicity from his role in Free Willy led to an effort by Warner Brothers Studio to find him a better home.

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Do Dolphins call each other by name?

Unlike most mammals, marine mammals cannot rely on vision and smell as their main senses. The vision is compromised under slow physical movement of the water.

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Baleen whales feeding behavior

The volume of the water + the food absorbed by the whale can be huge and sometimes more than the volume of the whale itself.

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Minke whales: The smallest one

You will never see a minke whale fluke-up but you may see the side of the fluke cutting the water’s surface as they generally turn their bodies when surface feeding.

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Icelandic Humpbacks

The humpback whale is a species of baleen whale. One of the larger rorqual species, adults range in length from 12–16 m (39–52 ft)

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Whale Watching in Iceland

There have been major changes in Icelandic waters for the passed century. This has had a direct impact on migration routs of some whales to Iceland.

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